If you are quickly entering transactions, can't decide which category to choose, or have just imported a bank file, you may leave some transactions without a category. While uncategorized transactions won't impact specific budget categories, it will still reflect in that month's budget numbers.

When one or more uncategorized transactions occur in a month, an alert icon will display next to the Remaining total on the Budget screen. 

Hover over the icon to view the total sum of all uncategorized transaction amounts for that month.

Identifying Uncategorized Transactions

To find out which account contains the uncategorized transaction(s), view the accounts listed in the sidebar. Any account with an uncategorized transaction will also display the same alert next to its name.

Hovering over the alert icon will display the number of uncategorized transactions in that account.

Click the account to be redirected to that specific account's page, and scroll through the rows of transactions. Uncategorized transactions can be easily identified by the yellow border around the row.

When you're ready to categorize the transaction, click on the row's category field, select a category in the dropdown, and press Save.

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